Testimonials .... here we share our testimonies and victories in Christ!

                                                    POKEY’S TESTIMONY

Throughout everything and anything God is by your side. Waiting for you to turn away from the lies of this world and seek His wisdom and truth through His magnificent word.   This world had blinded me to that reality. I grew up in a family that loved me and provided me with everything I needed and spoiled me with love. My mother is and was my protector my teacher my friend my precious gift from God. Around the age of 12-13 my eyes were open to the horrible reality that my father was an abusive, prideful, angry, lost man that let his anger ruin you physically and verbally. He put lies in our minds and completely shut us out of the world and made himself above all else. When we finally stood up against my father and settled a divorce, things immediately went down hill in each of our lives. We were introduced to the world and even though it was a lot better then being captive in my father’s ways; it was a trap to see the world and all of the sin within it. I was completely lost and so confused on why my father was the way he was and why God had allowed the enemy to do this to my life at such a young age. I immediately rebelled and have done so many things that is so hard to admit because I barley even have that memory of letting myself get that low. I experimented with drugs and later on depended on them to give me what I thought was my personality, my emotions. I depended on smoking so much that it lead to a eating disorder. I would go days without eating because the less I ate the more of a “high” I got. It got to the point to where I would not remember anything from the day before. Everyday was just a waste and I turned into such an angry girl. I had no control over my life. I was so young. I disrespected anyone who tried to let me know what is good for me or tell me what I should be doing. I was sneaky and to this day the words I write in this testimony are new to EVERYONE’S ears because I was so sneaky no one knew anything about what I went through. I was so hurt and lost and was just living as one of the enemies’ toys. I listened to his lies of temptation and his lies of never thinking I was good enough to be anything other then what I was. During that struggle in my life I believed that I was put on earth because I was worth nothing. That all I was capable of is being worldly and being better then anyone at obeying the enemies surrounding me. Because of what I took out of my father and what he did, I promised myself I would never give my heart to anyone because love, to me, was a lie and was a fairy tale. I was the enemies yo-yo. Where he pushed me I went where he placed me I ruined. I cursed, I hated everyone, I disrespected every authority. When I turned 14 I started to go out more and sneak away while my mom was at work or sleeping. I even ran away. The hardest “secret” for me to tell is the one I’m about to let your ears and hearts hear. When I was 14 years old I snuck out to the mall to meet this older man I met the previous day at the mall with friends. He was a cousin of a famous singing group and of course I wasn’t going to say no to meeting up with someone that could give me whatever I wanted. The devil himself whispered to me that this was going to be my freedom that I was going to be able to leave and have money and finally get everything I wanted through this guy that I barley knew but knew he had money. When I met up with him he said to get in his car because he had to pick up his friend. All I remember was that where we went was soooo far away from anything I recognized so I had no way of knowing how to escape even if I wanted to. At 14 years old I was raped and after that occurred in my life I felt lower then dirt. I completely gave up on my life and DID NOT want to live. Drugs were my food but stealing and fighting and all rebellion became my daily dose of success. I would literally hear the enemies in my mind dragging me each day to do their work. No body knew my pain but I, at that time, was beyond cutting myself. I had without any distraction let WHATEVER the devil wanted to do with me, be done. Being raped was a stronghold for so long because I could not let anyone know I was used and abused because I didn’t think there was anything anyone could do because I was not worth anything. I was disgusting and I felt it was all my fault and what I deserved because that’s what I was forced to believe because all I was seeing was people come into my life and leave and hurt me. I didn’t care about my health or about anyone around me. Family was nothing to me, church was nothing to me. I hated myself and hated my life.         

            One day I smoked after not eating for 30 days and I got so high that I heard three voices in my head. My soul, my enemy and another. My soul was crying and confused, wanted everything to stop. My enemy was laughing and said ‘’you could NEVER be of any worth, your nothing but ash. You live for me.’’. But then a third voice. That third whisper in my head that I could hear as if someone was right there next to me, said “STOP. Leave her.’’

            I was looking myself in the mirror locked in the bathroom when this was happening. And when those words made their last tone, I cried and never EVER went back to the way I was. And literally that next day I stopped every single thing I was doing even down to my friends. I threw it ALL away. I went to church and prayed for God to speak to me because I seek His wisdom and truth. And for every bible study I do and every church I attend God, till this day, speaks to me word for word through the lips of others. He is with me. He always was. The only difference now is that I am walking with Him. I am loving Him and TRUSTING in His word. And rapidly, everything changed in my life. Not many can say that they immediately stopped every stronghold and struggle they went through but I can say, even though there might be new ones now or in the future, God gave me unbelievable strength to do what I did. And I am forever in debt to him. Look at how much He has changed me. I was born again. I am a new person completely. HALLELUIAH!  No matter what any little insignificant enemy I have through people or worldly lies, they are nothing compared to my Father in Heaven and I will never let anyone or anything the enemy throws at me to overcome me because I HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE WITH GOD! No one can touch me. And I now believe in love. He was all I ever needed. All the love I’ll ever need. He is what I longed for and I can close my eyes and feel myself lying in his arms knowing He’s protecting me. I fear nothing.


“SET ME FREE- CASTING CROWNS”- Along with Ana’s teaching to help through testimony, has opened my heart to stand up and give my testimony.

*Thank you, Lord. Thank You for allowing me to seek Your wisdom. I am forever Your soldier and servant. I loooooooooooove You too and thank You for loving me!                                                                                                               .                     YOU’VE SET ME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!



“I can do anything in Christ who strengthens me” A-M-E-N!

Jake, Dean and Ana Adler
Jake, Dean and Ana Adler
I battled with an Eating Disorder (Mr. ED)  for over 3 decades.  I HAD Anorexia / Bulimia which was diagnosed in my mid 30's.  I went from bad to worse and from worse to hopeless.  I did everything you can imagine from starvation to bingeing just because I wanted to feel and look thin and beautiful...  I wanted to control something in my life.  I failed.  I went through intense therapy and things started to get worse.  Journaling really helped a lot.  I was discovering my inner child all over again.  I have a history of child abuse and sexual abuse in my childhood and I was also a victim of date rape.  I had no idea that the devil (the pig) would use all these things against me to try to destroy me and torment me later on. 
I binged (daily).  I induced vomiting.  I abused laxatives.  I abused  professionally done colonic cleansings (twice a week).  I restricted food.  I took diet pills.  I over exercised.  I became anorexic several times.  I was bulimic.  I hit ROCK BOTTOM and thought I was destined to live or die this way. 
The Lord impressed in my heart that He had healing for me and that I did not have to live this way with lack of self control and self hatred.  He started a healing process in me, my inner child, and my past was erased, forgiven, healed, revealed, comforted, cleansed, delivered, and I was given a chance to live a healthy life.  I have been healed for 5 1/2 years!  Jesus Christ took Mr. Ed and nailed him to the Cross!  I am no longer a slave to food or Mr.Ed. 
I can never get tired or embarrassed to share what God has done in my life.  I am forever grateful and will always give HIM the praise and all the glory.  He healed me and He can heal you too. 
Ana Adler 
I was delivered from depression.  I had my first child here in Florida while our whole family lived in New York.  When my husband lost his job with Eastern Airlines, we could no longer travel to NY to visit family.  I would cry every weekend, trying not to let my child see as I lay face down on the floor in my loneliness and depression.  My husband worked weekends from 2 to 10pm and I felt completely alone with nowhere to go and no one to visit or invite.  I only wanted to move back to extended family.  I felt empty and lonely when my husband was not home.
One Sunday at St. Bartholemew Church a friend invited me to her bible study.  I asked what that was about and she said that they learned about Jesus living in your heart.  I was at that moment filled with the holy spirit.  A feeling a fullness and completeness went through me.  I did not feel like I was made out of bones, blood and flesh anymore, but I now had Jesus living in me.  I thought, "I hardly know him!" and my passion became to get to know him.  Some months later I started attending the bible study and found a church family and friends and a desire for Jesus. 
You see, Florida became a desert to me and I realized God placed me here for a reason.  TO FIND HIM!  Praise God!
Janette Spaleny

I was married to a man I thought I knew well.  I believed all his lies and loved him deeply.  I dedicated my life to him; he was my god.  He molded me the way he wanted.  Needless to say I lived an empty life without joy thinking I deserved the feelings of emptiness and loneliness .  I visited all sorts of psychologists, psychiatrists, and even a witchcraft/fortune tellers, thinking there was something wrong with me; I was depressed all the time.
That man was found guilty for money laundering.  Apparently he had some illegal economic affair in the past.  Even though I resisted to believe and was in denial, I broke up with him.  Shortly after, I was indicted by two countries.  I had committed a crime: I received money from my husband and used it to pay his children’s tuition for school.  Even though I was just trying to help and didn’t mean any harm to anyone, I broke the law.  I cried day and night thinking I would be taken to jail and away from my son; I felt lost and frightened. I asked for forgiveness, prayed for courage to face the situation, for strength to overcome this trial, and promised I would get close to the one and only God.
Once I decided to surrender I went to jail for 5 days at the federal prison; the most humiliating experience I have ever faced.  I got out on bond, without money, homeless, an uncertain future, and a 5 year old son.  My brother and his family gave us refuge for 8 months.  I struggled with the uncertainty of the verdict for more than 12 months. I accepted my responsibility and plead guilty for what I did.  I surrendered everything to GOD, even my freedom; I proclaimed that God was going to be my judge.   The verdict was probation for 3 years, NO FINE, and 200 hours of community service THROUGH MY CHURCH!  GOD WAS MY JUDGE INDEED!!
God walked by my side through this struggle.  He watched me closely and comforted me when I needed.  He provided all of our needs and gave me a great family at ECC.  Through three different Bible Studies, I learned a lot and growth spiritually.  God took away all suffering, fear, pain, resentment, uncertainty, loneliness, emptiness, lack of faith, and all other negative feelings and replaced them with love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness and forgiveness.  The ONE and ONLY GOD molded me through that struggle and I'm grateful He did it.  It’s difficult to surrender everything to GOD and trust Him and in Him, but once you do it and take the first step of faith, you are overwhelmed with the results.  I will be grateful forever and I’m not ashamed to share my testimony at all.  GOD IS AWESOME!!!

This is very difficult to confess and have been wanting to confess to you my dear sisters for a long time.  I was afraid of judgement and ashamed that I could do such ungodly things.  God has put the conviction in my heart and I love him for it!  He has delivered me from a drug addiction and alcoholism.  I have been struggling with this since the age of 13.  My drug of choice was pot and alcohol.  I was more of a follower in school and that is where it all started.  I hid it well from my parents and when I think about it I don't even know how in the world I got a hold of these horrible drugs at 13yrs old.  I could never imagine my own children doing that at that age, but it happens.
  They say the gateway to other drugs starts off with marajauna.  Well for me it was the gateway.  I started experimenting with other drugs and through the grace of God, who I didn't even know at the time, I realized what the heavier drugs were doing to me and stopped, but still continued to smoke out and drink.  During this bad time for me, It was the fun and cool thing to do.  Boy the devil sure fooled me and made it all look that way.  Even after I found God at 22 yrs of age I still continued to drink and smoke.  I would often say to myself I will not be 80 yrs old in a rocking chair smoking a joint, but even still I continued, thinking I was not as bad with it as other people I knew and besides I only drank on the weekends.  And the pot, well they say that it is not addictive, but they are sadly mistaken. 
 Finally I decided to stop the drinking but continued to smoke marajuana.  I was most definately addicted to it.  I had to have it first thing in the morning, and when I would feel it leaving my system I would smoke some more and that continued throughout the day until i went to bed.  I was trapped into thinking this was my way out and it made me function better.  Again the devil make it look like there was nothing wrong with it and that it would get me through the day and helped me deal with my problems. 
 It all turned around one Sunday at church.  The scenerio: I got up about half way through the sermon to get some coffee.  There was also another church member getting coffee as well.  I asked her how she was doing and she said " I'm good, I finally stopped smoking pot".  I was in shock but at that moment I thought we were both meant to be there at the same exact time.  God was telling me I wasn't alone.  I confessed to her about my habit and felt a huge weight come off my shoulders.  What she had said to me wasn't what I expected to come out of her mouth but God used her in that moment to tell me I wasn't alone.  I am happy to say that I am FREE!  God has delivered me from a life as a drug user! 
Im hoping that God has used me through this confession to let you know you are not alone no matter what kind of addiction or what situation you are facing.        
I could start by saying that in a time when I seemed to have no money, during the past 2 weeks, my pay check was gone after tithing to God, and paying my mortgage, I learned that there was a growth of almost 60% in my savings account.
One more time  I learned that God is sooooooooo BIG, and He does not forsake us, EVER!.
I did withdraw some money to take care of bills, pay for the retreat, for which I thought I was not going to have money, and I was going to ask for help, and 10% of that money will go to help other women to attend the Women's Retreat coming up in November.
This is anonymous because this is not about me or anybody else, it is about HIM, and TRUSTING HIM IN EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.
I think that we tend to forget that HE is in control.


I was brought up in a Christian home where both parents were very involved in the Methodist church. I went very faithfully to Sunday school where my Dad taught and lead the singing every Sunday. However, I never was taught about salvation. I just knew you joined the church at a certain age which I did. None of this was in vain in my life. Everything has a purpose. Years later, i married a man from Peru that I met in college and eventually his job took him from California to New Jersey. That was quite an adjustment,as I knew no one. God lead me to a small Methodist church in the area which helped us adjust to our first fall and winter in NJ. Thank goodness for that anchor because my six year old son contracted a staph infection that kept us going back and forth to the hospital. That was our first Christmas in NJ.
Anyway, later on, I made friends and eventually landed a full-time job teaching bi-lingual ed to a combination 4th and 5th grade class. I was known in the district a bit for being a teacher aide in a 2nd and 5th grade class where I was liked and did well. The area was a heavy Puerto Rican population and I questioned why they did not hire a native speaker who had their teaching credential. The superintendent told me not to worry because the main objective was to mainstream these children. Well  I literally jumped into the pot,as it were and gave it a go. It was the most difficult year I ever had and I would wake up with a sick stomach to start each day.  I had lots of boys and discipline problems and some pretty tough girls, as well. Engish proficiency went from nil to Ok. Some of the kids had parents in jail and lots were from single parent homes. I literally tried all kinds of creative classroom management ideas and basically felt like a big failure.  The nail on the coffin came in March of the year, when contracts were normally renewed. I was called into the principal's office,a big Irishman who pretty much told me he saw nothing good in anything i was doing. But ironically, he said he thought I had alot to offer. But he also injured my self-confidence to a point where it took me eleven years to darken the door of a classroom again.
Meanwhile, I had confided what had happened to a very good friend of mine who attended the Congregational church in town and whom I had met at a theater group, She I credit for leading me to salvation. Acutally, I began seeing one of their women deacons who was the one who lead me to salvation.
From then on til the end of that difficult year, I knew I was not alone in that classroom. Jesus was there with me.  Good came from out of it all: One girl began to speak who hadn't talked for six months in the class,I recommended another girl to be a peer counsellor re drugs and alcohol program and the class threw me a surprise party the last day of school. God had to put me up against the wall to get my attention but that was my turning point.
Carol Chirinos
Hello beautiful women of God,
Just remembering what God has done for me overwhelms me with emotions that I cant describe with words....all I can say is that he truly saved and delivered me from the gates of hell. The Great Mighty God delivered me from unforgiven which is the worse type of sin to carry...it is a deadly poison.
As young as I can remember...maybe about 4 I remember being molested...abused...such soft words society uses...I call it child rape...violation is violation. This continued for a while by my step father...(others in his family as well did the same thing to me at that age). Years later my mom and him divorced...I hid those memories so deep that I thought it was gone...so I thought....my actions as I was growing up was reflecting my shame, hate and anger.  These feelings obviously brings nothing good in ones life. Every time someone in my family would mention his name, those memories were triggered and such sadness overtook my inner being. I thought I could never forgive such a monster....until I met the Lord Jesus Christ and He set me free 5 years ago. I learned all the Christian lingo and about forgiveness......Yeah I forgave drivers that cursed me, co-workers, neighbors relatives for small offenses.
The day came when my Christian identity was going to be challenged not by God of course but by my flesh, my hurt. My stepfather came back to the picture about 3 years ago. We all acted normal. He was really ill and stayed with my mom for a few weeks before going to Puerto Rico, where he wanted to live the rest of his remaining days. He was dying of all kinds of diseases....In those days I was leading homeless residents of a near by shelter to Christ then would visit my mom since she lived 2 blocks away.
In one of those visits, I felt such a strong pull to pray for him. I didn't feel like it..I was also sceptical since my younger sister already tried and he flat out rejected Christ....I mean this man even has a tattoo of satan on his arm. But the Holy Spirit kept pulling me to go. Then I though...goodness I do this with strangers at the homeless shelter why not to him...whether this was my thought or the Holy Spirit I don't remember...I do remember having pity for him because I knew he was going to hell if he died in his sins... I then asked him if I could pray for him...he really couldn't run anywhere since he was sick in bed....I sighed took a deep breath then said OK. I looked at my mom and there I went praying for this monster. I honestly cant recall all that I said..but the Holy Spirit put the words in my mouth....I witnessed a transformation right before my eyes...I witnessed the love of God and His awesome mercy and grace pour into this new creation.  My step father cried and kept saying that he felt it. That he was going to following him and he regretted that he never did this before...he also said that he didn't know ( he didn't know how merciful our God is)
I felt immediately. As I left there I was lifted of all hate, unforgiven and most of all shame. My God delivered me instantly from a secret and shame that I had buried deep into the ocean of my being...Yes there was such a place that I could not face or share.  Christ entered my soul and spoke to that 4 year old little girl and grabbed her by the hand and released her from her prison...Glory to God.....This forgiveness was to glorify Him not me. I have learned that we must forgive to glorify Him not for pride or score brownie point but for Him....once we grasp this we can forgive anything and anyone because its done to glorify Him and Him only! The memory creeps up every so often but God's mercy suppresses right away. Every time the devil tries to remind me, it only leads to God's love for me.
Well my step dad did die about a few month later. I heard that he was always praying. He asked the Lord to please take him in his sleep....that exactly how he went peacefully, painless in his sleep.....praise God....That night while I was in the shower..I experienced a strange presence...I thought it may have been an angel. I ask God "Oh my Lord did I do something good today?" The next day I found out that he passed away. I know that he is with the Lord.
Zelma Morales

I have been putting this off because there is so much to tell....I am I think the oldest in the group and my walk with God has been a little longer that you younger woman (33 years).
First of all, I grew up in a home where my Mom feared God and taught us to love Him and walk according to His precepts.  Growing up I was a very quiet girl, funny and an excellent student.  My joy was getting good grades to make my parents happy.....I admired them so much for all they did for the four of us.  My Mom was a very strong and hard working woman.  She was gorgeous, a very wise woman....everyone thought she had more education (she only finished 8th grade) since she could carry a conversation with anyone.
When I graduated from College and started working as a teacher I was very happy.  Had a wonderful job, still lived with my parents, had a brand new BMW and a great group of friends.  I was a teacher during the week and on weekends we turned into party animals.  Did not drink, but smoke very fancy cigarettes (with a rhinestone tip!!!!)....I was a snob!  Very far from God!  After 3 years of teaching I decided to leave my job and started working with this insurance company...there I met the most gorgeous man I have ever seen....I fell in love head over heels....we started a torrid romance and soon found myself spending a lot of time with him....my Mom was not happy.  She told me many times to be careful.....I was a naive young woman and she knew it.  Well, I did not listened to her and soon I found myself pregnant....I almost died!  I did not know what to do, I was so ashamed and afraid of what my parents who always thought I was the best daughter ever would think of me.  He talked me into having an abortion...I knew that was against God, but I was so confused that I went with it.  That day was the darkest day of my life.  He tried to comfort me and convinced me that it was the best decision we could have made.  A few months later I was pregnant again.  This time I told him that I would never go through an abortion and if he did not want the baby I would keep him/her.  He agreed and we decided to "get married".   We had Jamie and things were going well.  After the baby was born we went through a very bad financial situation.....we had lost a business and were living with my parents....he was working but started to stay late and I felt I was loosing the love of my life and my best friend.  The drop that filled the cup came when I got really sick and he was not there for me.......I felt betrayed and asked him to leave.....he did!  I went into a depression that almost killed me.  Only my parents knew he had left.  My friends at work didn't even know.  My mother invited me to church one Dec. 31.  That night God spoke to my spirit and I surrender all my pain, sorrow and hurt to Him.  That day I started walking with Him and healing began.  The healing did not happen suddenly....it took almost 15 years to forgive and forget, but through His grace I did it.  God filled my life and gave me a purpose.  God has been ever since my Lord, my Husband, my Savior, my Best Friend, my Counselor, my Healer, my Provider, my Everything.  I cannot imagine life without Him.  When all this happened I was 28 years old...since then I have lived only for Him. He has never left me nor forsaken me.  He has been my son's Father.  I can say today that He is the best Husband ever!
I have other testimonies of how He has healed me, but that will be in a second installment.
As you, see, my dear sisters, we all have strayed from our dear Lord, but He is so loving that He is always looking for us......we were in His mind before the foundation of the Earth and He has given each and everyone one of us a future and hope.  The best is yet to come!  I dream of the day I will be with my dear Lord forever......and with my son or daughter who is in Heaven.   I guess He still has something for me to do here. I  will be forever grateful to Him for dying for my sins and for restoring my life, for giving me purpose and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  I love You, Jesus!
Love you all,


My testimony of what God has done in my life.


Sometimes I cannot believe how much God loves me when I remember what he rescued me from, how he restored and redeemed me from the darkness I was in. When I was married before, I did not know God like I do now. I grew up Catholic so I knew what pleased God but there was no relationship.

My husband at the time was very controlling and manipulative. I knew there was something very wrong with our marriage pretty early on. After ten years of marriage, my husband pressured me to go through with an abortion after we already had our 2 daughters. The decision to do this was made out of fear and lack of self worth on my part. I simply did not know how to stick up for my self. The whole experience was torture as I endured a procedure without anesthesia because of my sheer embarrassment to be seen in a hospital where someone might know me. The pain proved too much and I almost passed out. I then had no choice but to finish the whole nightmare in the hospital. I woke up and could only cry as a nurse held my hand and told me it would all be alright. After all, I knew what it was to be a mom and to carry a child. And I really wanted that baby. This decision caused me to go into a deep depression that lasted almost one year. I hated myself and what I had done. I longed for the baby that I lost and the chance to make up for my mistake. I felt like a murderer and was consumed with grief and overwhelming sadness. I prayed like I never prayed before....without ceasing that God would give me another chance. I was desperate and felt like I was in a very dark place and could not see the light no matter how hard I tried.

Almost one year later, I became pregnant again. I was happy but also nervous because I know my husband at the time did not want another baby. He was very angry and threatened to leave but I was determined to keep this baby. I knew that this was an answer to my many prayers to be given another chance to make up for the horrible thing I had done. My husband eventually came around and accepted the pregnancy. About 3 months into the pregnancy, I went for a sonogram and imagine my joy when I found out I was carrying twins. I felt like God gave me the baby back that I lost. God give s abundantly more that we ask for when we seek Him with all of our heart. Although my marriage did not last due to the lack of forgiveness I had toward my ex husband but that is another testimony altogether.

My boys continue to be a source of joy and love for me and an example of God's faithfulness and abundant love.


Sisters in Christ....God loves us so much and there is nothing that we can do or have done that can separate us from His love.  Never be too embarrassed or ashamed to unburden your hearts with whatever you are going through.  The enemy wants us to think that no one will understand or someone will judge us.  Don't believe it!  We have all been through something that can help another. 





On Feb 24 of this year I was told that the baby I was carrying had no heartbeat. We had been waiting for this baby for years. Why would God give us this baby to turn around and take it away 7 wks later? It was something that did not make any sense, what had I done that was so bad that God had to punish me! Fortunately I have a wonderful friend of God that did not hesistate to bring another friend of hers over and most importantly, the word of God. She convinced me to come out of my confort zone and go against everything I had always feared and go to a friendship retreat in Myrtle Beach.
What happened next could only have one explanation. It was Gods plan! Not only did he put me in car with 5 of the most Godly, friendly, loving, understanding women for 14 hrs, he also arranged it so that I would be roomed with 3 of the most compassionate, friendly, loving, understanding Godly women. It did not stop there, the whole weekend was full of Him and more Godly women that I can truly say are my Friends. Anything could of happened that weekend, but God had a plan and He knew exactly what I needed and He fulfilled my needs. I learned so much in so little time, I learned to pray, I learned
to lean on your friends in time of need, I also learned to TRUST IN HIM!
Once again, my faith is being tested.....but only God will conquer. After the loss of our child I had to undergo 3 surgeries just to repair the damage to my uterus, the dr wanted me to do one more surgery to remove some scarring left but we decided not to do more surgery and leave it in Gods hand. There is a chance that if the baby implants in the wrong part of the uterus I could loose the baby. I have been spotting and cramping and sometimes fear gets the best of me but I know that God put these wonderful friends in my path who will not let me loose my way. Not only did God once again give us the desires of our hearts by allowing us to carry another one of His children, He has also showed me once again that it is in His timing. He knows what is best for me and all I really need to do is be faithfull to Him and His word. Do I still strugle with my faith? Yes, but the only difference is that now I know that He has a plan for me and all I need to do is follow His word and TRUST IN HIM. Now all I can do is Thank Him for each day that He allows me to carry His child and pray that I can carry this special gift full term. Either way my child will have the best life ever wether its here on earth were so many people would love him/her or in Heaven with our Holy Father living in Eternity. Thank You God and Thank You friends. 
Alma Figueredo