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    Carlene (Saturday, 21 February 2015 05:24)

    Ich möchte dieses Medium nutzen, um für das, was Prophet Saibaba in meinem Leben getan hat zu bezeugen. Ich hatte Probleme mit meinem Mann, die eine Scheidung war ich so das Herz gebrochen zu führen und wurde so auch finanziell nieder, wurde es schwierig für mich, denn ich war allein zu kümmern zwei Kinder zu nehmen, es war wie die Feinde haben den größten Teil übernommen meines Lebens. ich war nicht in jedem Job oder Geschäft, weil er wollte mich nie zur Arbeit engagiert, er will nur, dass ich ein Vollzeit-Hausfrau zu sein, weil er wollte, dass ich sehr gut um die Familie zu nehmen, so dass die Dinge waren sehr rau für mich, so brauche ich keine andere Wahl, als sich in einer Art manier Job zu engagieren, so dass ich wenig Geld um meine Kinder kümmern muss und die Zuführung zu verdienen, das war, wie ich weiter tun, bis ich traf ein sehr guter Freund von mir und erklärte ihr alles, fühlte sie Mitleid mit mir und das war, wie sie sich vorstellen mich zu einem mächtigen Propheten namens Prophet Saibaba. er sagte mir, einige geistliche Dinge, die ich tun musste, die ich nicht weniger als 1 Tag mein Mann kam zu mir bitten um Vergebung erzählen mir, dass er einen Fehler gemacht hat scheiden lassen und mich, dass er so etwas nie wieder tun in seinem Leben, das war wie wir alle Probleme ressolved wir hatten und bekam wieder zusammen noch viel glücklicher und stärker als zuvor. wie Prophet Saibaba tat alles immer noch ein Rätsel, um mich zu bleiben, bis jetzt. Dank Prophet Saibaba, können Sie ihn auch an, wenn Sie seine Hilfe zu suchen, sein

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    Laura (Tuesday, 22 July 2014 01:45)

    I can't hide this amazing testimony that took place in my life. A prophet named saibaba helped me to bring back my love who left me while I was six months pregnant and went on a peace keeping mission in new zealand. We both love each other and it was a shock to me and it really broke my heart. I tried to call him and both of his lines were disconnected. I tried to reach him on social networks but he deleted me off of them. I tried to reach his parents and they told me that their son said that he does not love me and does not want to see me and they do not know what is wrong. I cried and cried everyday because I loved him very much. Until I gave birth and the baby was one year old, I could not get my love back. Again, I was confused. I do not know what to do and I also lost my job and I have no money to take care of the baby. I was miserable in life so I cried to my sister and told her my problem and said that she knew of one lord prophet that prayed for her when she could not get pregnant. I contacted him by email and he said he will help me and told me that a revelation came regarding my husband and marriage problem, he will help me fast and pray so my man will come back to me and be mine forever. It was a great surprise to me that everything that he said came to pass. My man came back to me immediately, saying that I should forgive him. I am sending a very big thank you to this prophet. I pray for him to live long and do more of his spiritual work. If you have any kind of problem disturbing you in life, you have to contact this prophet! He can help him through this email;

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    Bill (Tuesday, 17 December 2013 09:10)

    Please pray God will give me
    1. a healthy digestive system & a healthy heart
    2. a good wife
    3. a new good career
    4. financially blessings
    God will also heal my flu.
    Many thanks!

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Tuesday, 16 April 2013 19:53)

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    Lukáš (Wednesday, 30 May 2012 10:13)

    THX for info

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    Susan Aldinger (Friday, 09 September 2011 11:30)

    I want to praise the Lord for Lucy's news!
    Also baby Scarlett is now home she had sepsis and is now alright.
    Please pray for my son Zachary, he has missed school every day this week. He Has an ear infection, sinusitis, a cold and asthma.God bless us every one!

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    Lucy (Friday, 09 September 2011 08:55)

    Hi sorry I haven't kept up with the out come of Rodrick. This is the little boy I was going to care for to help his mother. Well all is well with her and Rodrick. She was able to get him back and they are fine. He did remain in foster care during the whole time she was getting her self back on track. Thank you for all your prayers with this. God Bless You All

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    Lucy (Friday, 09 September 2011 08:46)

    Just wanted to thank you all for your prayers for our marrage. All went well, we will continue to go to councel.
    Every two weeks. We are being renewed and transformed.
    Thank you

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    Lucy (Friday, 09 September 2011 08:42)

    Hi I would like to ask for prayer for George my husband. The Lord opened the door for him. He will be meeting with someone about a job on Tuesday next week. The job will pay more then he gets now. And it will be an oppertunity for him to change careers. From a blue collar job to white collar. He will be able to attend church services regular. Plus have more time with the family. Please pray he gets this job. And all goes as God planned it. Thank you

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    Lucy (Sunday, 28 August 2011 08:03)

    Hi all hope you all had a blessed summer. I would like to request prayer for my marriage. We are going to counceling
    on Monday. Please pray we grow closer to the Lord together. And always seek HIM first.
    Thank you

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    Susie (Tuesday, 23 August 2011 14:16)

    My brother is doing well. No cancer found elsewhere in his body. Praise God!
    I am in need of prayer for my niece's baby girl Scarlett, 2 weeks old. She is in the hospital with a very high fever. They have taken urine, blood and spinal fluids to see what is going on. Please continue to pray for my brother Dave's complete healing and for Scarlett's as well. Thank you sisters in Christ. I love you all! Susie

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    Susie (Monday, 20 June 2011 22:09)

    Pls pray for my brother. The dentist found cancer in his mouth which they can remove but is undergoing a test tomorrow to find out if there is cancer anywhere else in his body. Pls pray for the test to be negative. He gets the results on Thur. Thank you sisters in Christ.

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    Laura (Tuesday, 17 May 2011 12:49)

    Thank you for all your prayers praise God everything went well with my aunt.
    Hugs and kisses

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    Laura (Monday, 16 May 2011 10:32)

    Pls pray for my auntMarie. She is having surgery because her lung is punctured. Last yr she was at an event and it was so windy that all the tents went flying and one of them knocked her down and she ended up with a punctured lung. The hole in her lung came back within a year and needs to patch it up. Thx my sistas! i love you all.

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    Laura (Saturday, 12 March 2011)

    Pls pray for my mother's friend Kathleen. Her daughter commited suicide a few days ago. She was just 43 yrs old. I pray for comfort and strength and that God is with the family through this time of grief.

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    Lucy (Tuesday, 01 March 2011 19:43)

    Hi all, just wanted to let you know. God is moving fast. I got calls from both Rodrick's parents today. Mom said social worker is going to call us to set a date for us to meet. Some time this week. Initially Dad told me he didn't feel he wanted his son in my home cuz, he thought I was to religious. Than after we prayed today, He called and I spoke to him for a while and he changed his mind. George spoke to him also on his way to work. George told me he said he is going to recomend they let Rodrick come to stay with us as soon as possible. Thank you for all your prayers. Now I am just waiting for the Lord to provide. Keep praying. Love you

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    laura (Monday, 28 February 2011 19:03)

    Praise Report!!! I purchased a CAR!!! Thank God! Got it for a great price too!

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    Lucy (Monday, 07 February 2011 08:55)

    Hi mighty women of God, I need prayer for a neighbor and her child. Those of you might know them. I used to take her son with me to Awana. His name is Rodrick and his mom's name is Tanya. They have moved and are strugling financialy.
    Something happened that Rodrick is in a foster home. Mom called me and asked me if I could take him I said yes. Tanya is going to court this morning at 11:00am Please pray Gods will be done. Thank you

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    Lucy (Friday, 28 January 2011 21:24)

    Please pray for my niece Savanna Velazquez. My brother's daughter. She was raised in a very stricked religous house hold away from my brother. She ran away a couple months before her eighteenth birthday. She has looked up my brother since than. But she is living a very dangerous wild life right now. Last I heard she was working in a strip club. Please lift her up. I know she is full of anger. She was taught a man made way of God. And hasn't had the privlege to know our Lord in a personal way. Please pray she finds the right way to Jesus. Also, Please pray for my brother he blames himself. Thank You

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    Laura (Sunday, 16 January 2011 13:52)

    Pls pray for my friends cousin, I don't know her name. She is in a coma because she tried to commit suicide. She was very depressed over her divorce and went on meds to help but it made it worse. She also witnessed about 4 murders that happened right infront of her when she was 7 yrs old and did not receive counciling. It is a very sad situation. pls pray for the family especially the dad cause he blames himself. also for Suzi and my neck and back for healing and I need a car! So does Lucy! xoxo

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    Laura (Monday, 20 December 2010 11:33)

    the 18 month old little boy has had the surgery and all went well Praise God!
    Pls pray for me and that God blesses me with another car. Mine is broken in need of an engine. Anyone know anyone who wants to get rid of or donate a car? Really cant afford car payments at this time. I need prayers for a car! XOXOXO

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    Laura (Monday, 29 November 2010 19:48)

    This is what my friend posted on her Fb page.
    My friend's 18 mos grandson, Jordan, has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. His surgery is Thursday, 12/2. Please, pray for Jordan and his family as they face this most difficult time.
    Pls pray for the hands of God work through the drs. Laura

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    Lucy (Wednesday, 17 November 2010 14:42)

    Please pray for my stepfather who lives in Franklin Wisconsin with my mom. He is stuggling with withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Please pray that he will be able to overcome. And be sober for the rest of his life. I miss you all and Thanks
    God Bless

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    Laura (Sunday, 14 November 2010 13:45)

    Pls pray for my friend Geri,she is very sick and needs surgery for a coroted artery. Also a friend of mine has a friend whose grandson was diagnosed with cancer. I do not know the details but the little boy is only 17 months old. Pls pray for a miracle and healing.

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    Susie (Friday, 01 October 2010 13:06)

    It looks like the Lord has answered our prayer to move from Holy Lake! We signed the contract last night. The buyer has 7 days to do an inspection and back out of the contract. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and he doesn't back out of the contract.So I am in need of boxes and newspaper, if you can help me that would be great! I love you all my sisters.

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    Susie (Sunday, 05 September 2010 17:07)

    By surrendering the dis-ease I have to my Lord this morning, I was able to face temptation and say no, I won't do that. Praise the Lord for His strength and grace and mercy. May God bless you and your families richly. May He comfort and sustain you all. I pray that God will minister to our needs. I pray that he will comfort those in pain and sorrow.I pray for healing,in the name of Jesus,amen.

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    Laura (Sunday, 29 August 2010 15:22)

    This is what I woke up too this morning on FB. My daughter Jennifer the one we have been praying for posted this- "It's been a long week, but starting Monday I may be entering a new line of work. Hopefully it will change my life for the better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed." Then she responded to a friend this- "I'm going to be working in an office as a personal assistant/secretary" AMEN!!!!!! God is breaking her!!!! YES!!!!

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    Laura (Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:03)

    pls pray for Kris Rivera who is having some health issues and also Lucy Curnow needs help on Mondays and Fridays finding someone to pick up her son Cameron from school and bringing him to aftercare. If you can help please call her on her cell. 954-292-6678. I miss everyone and cant wait to start the new study! God bless!

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    Alma (Saturday, 31 July 2010 15:00)

    Hi everyone, here is the latest ... Jessica came down with a fever but praise God its under control. Baby Leah is still in nicu but gained a little weight so please continue to pray for them. Also, please pray for me. As some of you know I had some mayor complications when I gave birth to my little miracle of God. I was planning to take 1 yr off from work to be with him but was recently told that I have to report to work in a few weeks. Please pray that they aprove my leave of absence without any repercussions to my job or position. Thank you for your prayers and Thank You God for everything you do for us.

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    Lucy (Friday, 30 July 2010 20:58)

    Hello all, I have a supper praise report!!! God is awesome!
    I started working on Monday July 26th. God got me thru this week with out my husband and handling my three kids all by myself. God bless all you single moms out there you deserve I huge reward for all you do. But I wasn't by myself. Every morning I would wake up at 5:00am pray and praise. I woke up qouting scripture every morning. Before we left the house we would huddle and pray for our day. I was concered how all this would fall into place when school starts. I still didn't have a clue where I would leave Cameorn for aftercare. I applied at the Ymca. And at first they told me they were full. I said ok and decided not to worry about it. I gave it too God. That was when I first got the Job. Than I spoke to God again after work today. I asked him for an answer today. He said call ymca now. I looked at the clock and it said 5:50pm. And I said, "Lord its to late the office is closed. He said again call now. So I did and I ended up getting the director of the ymca on the phone!!! I explained my problem and he said, no problem he is already in the summer camp, he is in. Prasie God!!!! Cameron will be going to aftercare with the YMCA. I don't have to worry who to leave him with. And the site is close to my Job. Lauren and Aaron will be in the aftercare at their school. So it is done. God said if he is with us who can be against us. Ladies praise him with me!!!!!!

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    Alma (Sunday, 25 July 2010 20:51)

    Thank you for all your prayers they are working praise GOD, please keep praying. Jessica (mom) went home today, baby Leah is going to be in the hospital neonatal care for a few months. Please pray that God will keep her safe from infections and that she will get stronger everyday. Please also pray for strength, faith and peace for the family.
    Thank you

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    Alma (Thursday, 22 July 2010 20:14)

    Hello everyone, please pray for my friend Susan, her daughter Jessica is in the OR right now having their baby Leah by emergency C section. She has pre-eclampsia and the baby was not due until oct 31. Please pray that the surgery goes well and that God protects both mother and daughter through this. That baby Leah does well outside the womb and that God would help her continue to develop those vital organs she needs in order to survive.

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    laura (Monday, 12 July 2010 18:45)

    Lucy needs a babysitter for Aaron and Lauren tomorrow morning from 8:00am to about 6pm. Its short notice but she just found out today that she is getting a job and starts training tomorrow. If anyone could help out please call her.954-292-6678

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    Lucy (Thursday, 08 July 2010 14:09)

    Hello, mighty women of God. Just wanted to thank you for praying for me and my family during this hard time. We are grateful. George, was given an opportunity to work in another state to get more overtime to make up for what we need. God is good. He came through again. PRAISE The Lord

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    Diane (Thursday, 08 July 2010 09:21)

    Praises that my sister is recovering without surgery!!

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    Laura (Monday, 05 July 2010 09:01)

    Praise report! Lucy and her family do not have to move. God has provided for them. Amen! XOXOXOXO

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    Laura (Friday, 02 July 2010 08:34)

    Praise report! My aunt is out of the hospital and doing better but pls keep her in your prayers. My daughter is doing good and whatever virus she had has cleared up with medicine and the dr. said she is fine Praise God! I have a prayer request from Lucy Curnow to pls pray for their finances and situation. They are now going to rent out their home and move to an apt. and need help packing, cleaning, and possibly moving. If you can help pls call her cell (954)292-6678. She does not have access to her email. Her address is 20434 SW 5th St Pem. Pines. Thank you all for your prayers and emails. XOXOXOXO

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    Laura (Sunday, 27 June 2010 22:07)

    Please pray for my friend Debra and her family. Her son passed away Monday last week. He was only 25 yrs old. My daughter Jenn is having some health issues and my aunt Marie has been in the hospital for a couple of days now with some health issues. I claim the healing power of our Lord and Savior over my loved ones. Xoxo

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    Diane (Tuesday, 08 June 2010 05:55)

    Continued prayers for my sister who was released from the hospital and is now home with iv antibiotics and pain medication for endometriosis and infections with possible surgery to follow. Please pray for healing for her body and mind, and guidance for the doctors who are treating her.

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    Diane (Saturday, 29 May 2010 06:13)

    Please pray for my younger sister, in the hospital right now and probably going to have surgery for the third time due to severe endometriosis.

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    Lucy (Sunday, 16 May 2010 08:25)

    Please pray for me today. When I woke this morning every thing was spinning. I feel realy light headed. I have a sitter to watch Cameron while I go to church with the little ones, but I don't think I am going to go. I will call my doctor on Monday. Please pray they finally find out why I get these dizzy spells. Thank You. And God Bless

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    Lucy (Friday, 14 May 2010 07:59)

    Please pray for Maria Stevens today. She will be having foot surgery today at 12:00pm. I spoke with her this morning and she said she is a little nervous. Please pray for peace, and be in agreement with me that the Lord guide the doctors hands. Also for a painless, quick recovery. God bless you all. Maria email is...

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    Laura (Thursday, 22 April 2010 09:59)

    Please pray for my dad. He is in the hospital, something to do with his pancreas. They are not sure what is wrong and are doing tests. Please pray for healing. Thank you. Laura

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    Susie (Wednesday, 31 March 2010 10:18)

    Good morning to everyone. I talked to Kris Rivera yesterday and her family is in need of prayer. Her dad has surgery on Fri. Please pray for him and the family. He is bleeding behind both eyes and has a de-tached retina. This is due to some medication the Dr's put him on. The real difficult part will be after the surgery he is supposed to remain face down for a number of days, well he has a bone disease that will make this a challenge. May God bless him and heal him. Blessings to the family.
    Love to you all,

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    luzandgeorge (Saturday, 27 March 2010 22:42)

    Hi all, George and I want to let you all know, are first meeting for, "Parents Encouraging Parents," was awesome!!
    And the kids were great. Thank you all for your prayers. We meet again on April 24th.
    God Bless
    Love Lucy

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    Laura (Saturday, 27 March 2010 17:34)

    Correction on Sandi's email. Its

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    Laura (Saturday, 27 March 2010 17:10)

    Sorry i didn't send this sooner. Praise the Lord! Sandy is home now as of Wed. recovering from the hospital. She is well but in pain. It will take 6 weeks to recover. Please pray for healing for Sandi and for Miguel and Austin to have the wisdom and knowledge of God in how to take care of her. I pray they return to their church family soon. Please pray for this family, that the pig stay for away from this home! the pig!is not welcome in their home! Thank you for all of your prayers. Love your sister in Christ. Lauramarie P.S. If anyone would like to send her a get well card or send her an e-mail of encouragement her address, 5131 sw 167th ave sw ranches 33331. Sandi Codorniu. I

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    From Lucy and George (Wednesday, 24 March 2010 09:42)

    Hi all, As you know George and I will be starting are first support group meeting this Saturday at 7:00 pm in our home, (Parents Encouraging Parents). We are asking all of you to take a couple minutes of your day and lift us up in prayer. We ask that our sitter be on time, our children behave and not interrupt, That Gods presants be there and touch the lives of those who do not know Him, if they do know Him, we ask they be renewed including us, We ask for wisdom on leading, that we speak words of wisdom, truth, and love, that all goes well with everyone attending and in their homes as they are with us recieving. And finally that the will of God be done. Thank You All in advance. God Bless, Love, George and Lucy

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    Lucy / For My Cousin In Prison (Friday, 12 March 2010 18:20)

    Hi all My cousin Nancy from Wisconsin tells me this...

    Lucy, I'm glad Cameron is doing well. God is an awesome God and can do anything. My brother Hector is applying for a job at the new facility he is at and I ask that everyone please pray for him, so he gets the job. Its an opportunity to get back involved in society, which he desperately needs.
    Please pray for my cousin Hector. Thank You

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    Lucy (Friday, 05 March 2010 07:40)

    Hi, please pray for me. I was taking something for my nerves just to take the edge off. Because I am going through what they call peri-menopose, (forgive my spelling I know Its bad). I usally don't like to take presciption meds. But after consulting with my Doc. I thought this maybe something I have to do for awhile. Well, I have been on it for awhile and I did reap the benefits of it. My overall attitude and patients level was great. But than I heard about something more natural to try, and so I decided to stop the Meds and go this route. I haven't tried it yet because I want to get the other stuff out of my system first. In the mean time my anxiety, overwhelmingness, worry, and impatient feelings are coming back. Please pray that I go through this quickly, pray my body is able to do what it is supposed to do, and guidence for me to be health. Overall for my children and my poor hubby that has to put up with me.
    Love You all very much and feel so blessed to be able to share with you all. God Bless You All!!!
    Oh!! Don't forget the HOT FLASHES!!! Its the pits man!!!