Inner Healing and Deliverance
Inner Healing and Deliverance


Welcome to our Tuesday Morning Bible Study - Currently Studying: Inner Healing and Deliverance - Guillermo Maldonado

Some believers are still bound to their past, struggling with hurts, bitterness, psychological and emotional problems.  Inner Healing can set you FREE from the bondage you are dragging around.


     The spirit is the innermost part of a person—the real you.  It includes the intuition and the conscience, and for a believer, it is the place where the Spirit of God dwells.  You have fellowship with God through your spirit.  The intuition is your “knower,” that by which you perceive or sense things or circumstances.  The conscience is the door of your spirit.  It is that which tells you right from wrong, by which you feel guilt.  Sin makes the conscience dull and not sensitive to the Spirit of God. 

     The soul of man deals with the mental and emotional realm of man.  The soul consists of our mind, will and emotions.

     The body is the part of man that deals with the physical realm.  It is dominated by the five senses and is the vehicle by which we communicate to the outside world.

     Those who come to the Lord from a life of sin are filled with brokenness, emotional scars, hurts and rejection.  They are bound and imprisoned to many habits and thought patterns.  Many are still full of anxiety, worry and depression.  They are benumbed, badly crushed and mentally confused.  When we come to the Lord, our sin of rejecting Him is forgiven.  We are born again; we receive a new life and a new heart and are received into His Kingdom and family.  But there are still many areas in our lives that have been destroyed by sin.  These areas are in need of restoration by the Spirit of God.


It is the area of the soul that needs deliverance and inner healing.




Our Women’s Bible Study is an interdenominational Bible study for all women. We invite you to join us to acquire and apply God's Word through Bible study and prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life


John 3:16